Saturday, January 22, 2011

Insight Out of Darkness ~

 The Lord turns my darkness into light. 2 Samuel 22:29

The weekend is here again! I watched a period drama set in the late 1800s on Masterpiece Theatre last weekend. The story involved a cousin, part of the middle-class, and a stranger to the  family, suddenly becoming the heir to their great estate.

As a guest at dinner, the new heir was questioned by the Lord of the Manor about having time to get familiar with the estate and the people working on it. His answer was that  he would have plenty of time after work (the family was apalled because gentlemen didn't work) and on weekends. The dowager mother looked puzzled and said, "What's a weekend?" This middle-class heir was creating difficulties for those who were part of the upper class, and who were a hundred times more sophisticated. It was hard for the family to bear.

To us, who see the upper class family's attitude as unenlightened, and who take weekends for granted, the question sounds funny. It's funny because we've looked forward to weekends all our lives. And we were enlightened to equality a long time ago, and have all reaped the rewards of enlightenment. It is this thought that brings me to the topic for today's lesson, which is from Chapter 18 of Meeting God in Quiet Places: The Cotswold Parables. While experiencing a literal dark night walking over the hills of the Cotswolds, LaGard Smith found insight into the dark night of the soul. As you know, we do live in a dark world. So the question for you to answer today is: Do I have the light of God's word to guide me through my dark nights?
Now I'll give you the scenario: Having taken a walk every day for years, LaGard set out one evening for his hour-long walk. He stopped to talk to neighbors for a while, and then to talk to a newcomer. Time had passed quickly, and it was suddenly dark and hard to see. As the mist wafted in, he began to realize that no matter how fast he walked, he was still making his way home in total darkness. And as he crossed a familiar field, a familiar gate, and walked a familiar path, he wondered how someone who was unfamiliar with the area would fare. Walking along in darkness, it came to him that it was only his familiarity with his path that made it possible for him to keep going. Familiarity was his light.

And as LaGard made his way slowly toward home, he was able to see how God's revelation works in his life. The psalmist's words which came to him were: "Your Word is a lamp to my feet and a light for my path." Then LaGard says: "The Bible is not simply the story of human existence, but that upon which I can depend in times of trouble. It is the light in my darkened world of 'lostness.' No matter how adverse the circumstances, somehow it always gets me through."
What a comfort to know that whether we are filled with God's word right now or not, we can begin this very moment to fill our hearts and minds with the light of  His word. Let His light shine on the path of your life and accept the guidance He offers. Become so familiar with God's path for you that you pass through every trouble safely. You will be on the true path...the path of truth.  

More tomorrow. Have a happy weekend!


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