Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Moving Toward a New Year ~ 2011

Today my guests left earlier than they'd planned, because of snow moving into this area. Albuquerque could lie deep in snow like much of the East when the New Year arrives! But that probably won't happen...too much sunshine to keep us bogged down for long.

The imminent arrival of a new year may have your mind agitated and excited, like it does mine. And, like me,  you may not know why you feel that hint of excitement and expectation--even anticipation--in the air. Life for most of us will be much the same on January 1, 2011, because life generally doesn't change much, which is both good and bad. Like everyone else, you and I need some changes and uncertainty to keep us fascinated by  the many aspects of life and to challenge us to do good things. But most of us realize that too much change may not allow us to accomplish very much for a period of time, because changes take a toll on almost all of us. And even when change is good, it has a dramatic effect.

 So what should we do to make the good and the bad balance? Maybe we should begin with acceptance, thankfulness, and a determination to do better this year than we have in the past. And how do these ways of looking at life help us balance it?

Acceptance helps us deal with life as it comes, and defrays the anxiety that accompanies worry. Learning to accept things as they are, while planning for a worthwhile future, is a combination which gives us a sense of control and competence. Thankfulness allows us to let go of what we don't have in order to appreciate what we do have. We must have gratitude to be happy. And repeating what I just said: without gratitude, no one can be happy.

 And for me, as for most of us, it really does take determination to improve ourselves and our lives each year. Almost any method of helping us do that is useful. I diligently remind myself with lists and journals and internal conversations to make good decisions, and to be kinder and more thoughtful. Having guests has once again forced me to grapple with the idea of putting others first, generously and unselfishly. If we aren't careful, being selfish becomes a way of life.  

For what else is life about? What else matters in this world? Remembering that you and I were created to be like Christ, we should look at our relationships as Christ would look at them. Family, friends, and all our relationships are the foundation of life...the essence of life...totally involved in its purpose. And with that I'm bound to say that the purpose of life--as King Solomon concluded--is to love God and keep His commandments. One of those commandments says to love your neighbor (or friend) as yourself. And as simple as that sounds, it is impossible without having a relationship with your Creator. We must have His help...His guidance...His love...His Spirit. He is our only hope of peace and love and eternal life. But if you or I are rebellious, He cannot offer us any of these gifts.

So while moving toward the new year 2011, you and I will make some resolutions which--with God's grace--we'll try to keep. Without giving details, let me simply say that I'm somewhat disappointed in myself as I look back over the last year. And so I pledge to  myself that it will be different at the end of this new year. Now, can we safely say that this year was at least better than the year before?
Perhaps it wasn't good enough to satisfy our perfectionist notions--but better! 

And please remember one very important thing: life takes on a different perspective according to our attitude. So this year, let's all work to keep a good attitude--a right attitude--a godly attitude, while moving through another year.

Yes! With fireworks popping, zinging, and blazing all around us, let's step forward to try and create a jolly good show! And I challenge you, with the help of our Creator, His Son, and the Holy Spirit, to make it the best year ever!!! Happy New Year 2011 everyone!!!

God's blessings to you and yours in 2011...Mimi


  1. Nice post, and I agree, the days before the new year begins are always exciting to me! New years is one of my favorite days of the year-new year, new goals, and the unknown of what will happen in the year.

  2. Hi Jon...It is so neat that you read my blog! Yes,I agree that it is so unknown when we look forward to the new year, which gives it a magical quality in my way of thinking. I had to smile today when I thought about New Year's resolutions because I seem to be making resolutions to do better a lot! But it's hard not to think about making those special goals come to pass. Good luck, Jon, in 2011! And thanks so much for making my life sweeter with your thoughtfulness.