Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Creating A Beautiful Home~Alexandra Stoddard

As I get older, I'm trying to decide where my home should be. I have many reasons to be in New Mexico, but I'm missing the rest of my family in Tennessee. The terrible truth is that I'm not good at visiting. But to give up big blue skies, sunshine & dry air for the heat & cold, humidity & overcast skies of Tennessee is not an easy decision. Evidently it's so difficult I can't make it!

You probably knew that I'd get around to the decorating of houses. Alexandra Stoddard's books on creating beautiful spaces--and all the reasons we can and should do so--are nothing short of wonderful! The title of the one I'm taking my information from is "Creating A Beautiful Home." And all I'm going to do is give you some guidelines to read and think about in relation to your own house. The picture you see is a living room. I chose it because I'm potty over bookcases. They warm up the room and give it an aura of life that nothing else can...I feel the lives of the authors stirring on the shelves. Now here are a few "Grace Notes" about the living room from Stoddard's book.
1) The living room is not for guests only, but should be set up as a useful, practical area where you spend a large part of your time.

2) Paint all trim semi-gloss enamel white. This paint is a superior pigment that is pure, and picks up reflections of all the surroundings colors.

3) Determine what your focal point will be. If you don't have a fireplace, consider a high piece to focus your attention and draw you into the room.

4) Let your room grow slowly. Don't crowd it with too much furniture. Let the space "breathe."

5) One of the most important pieces of furniture will be a sofa. If the room is large, an 84-inch sofa that seats three people is ideal.

6) Keep a "Home" section in your personal notebook that goes with you wherever you are. This should include all measurements, paint chips, and fabric samples.

7) Paint the ceiling flat Atomosphere Blue. Use full-color, Fuller Obrien 1-0-47.

8) Invest in a sturdy 12 to 25-foot Stanley Powerlock tape measure at your hardware store. Also buy a small 5-foot measuring tape to carry in your purse or briefcase at all times.

9) Consider framing your watercolors using Solar Museum glass to protect them from fading in the light.

10) One of the best furniture polishes is Goddard's Fine Furniture Polish with Almond Oil.
These are just a few examples from the many pages on Living Rooms in this book. I thought it might wake you up to the possibility of changes in your living room before winter. And I'll give you a few suggestions for other rooms another time.

Bless your home every day and thank God for the place where you live.

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