Saturday, September 25, 2010

Dolls, Dolls, and More Dolls!

It's Saturday and all's well! So I want to talk about my dolls. I wasn't a "doll" person until Quinlyn, my 12-year-old granddaughter who lives in this town (she's in the picture on the left) told me that I should get one. I thought about getting an American Girl doll, but I didn't. Then Quinlyn discovered the Life of Faith dolls through her blog site: And I fell in love with them!

She found out that they were no longer going to be available, so we began to plot and plan to get one. And because there were sales at different stores, we ended up getting all of them over a fairly short period of time! And they sit on my fireplace where they make me feel very happy. I can't look at them without smiling.
Now I have six Life of Faith dolls--five 18" dolls and one 8" doll. And one beautiful, blonde doll--which I have shown before--Louisa, from Ginger Brook Hollow. She is in the third picture. And I hope to get more of them, except that they are expensive if they aren't on sale.

The doll in the coat and hat is a Life of Faith doll. I made 4 of the coats for Quinlyn's dolls and have one more to make. I made a pink coat and hat that is soooo beautiful, and Quinlyn may have a picture, which I'll share when I can. I also have pics of dolls in a red and a blue coat & hat, which I'll also share later. Quinlyn creates vignettes with her dolls and takes pictures or makes videos. They are really nice and fun to look at. Quinlyn has a real talent for it.

You might find these dolls on eBay or a few at stores like Family Christian, but they are becoming more and more rare. It's so sad that a company so dedicated to a "life of faith" has gone out of business. Each doll comes with a little Bible on her arm. I hope it isn't a sign of the times that they weren't able to survive. I hope you enjoy the dolls...I can see myself coming back to this topic again!
Have a wonderful weekend with your family.


  1. I love this post, Mimi!! :D Thanks for the advertisement! LOL Today I dressed all my girls up in their Winter coats (a tad early) and I am going to take pictures soon. If you want, I'll go ahead and take a pic of the girls in the coats you made, so you can post it here. :) See you soon!


  2. Thanks, Quinlyn! I think it turned out nicely. I'll put the other pics on another time as I can only put on a few at a time. We're going to have with them this year!

  3. Your Louisa doll is really beautiful. I had never heard of these dolls before and had to Google them. Can they wear the same size clothes as the Life of Faith dolls? I've been toying with the idea of searching local stores to see if I can find one that still has the LOF dolls.

  4. Yes, I hope you were able to see all the dolls on the Ginger Brook Hollow website. I think they are much prettier than they appear on there though. No, they can't wear the same clothes. The GBH dolls are really a collector doll that is smaller in bulk and a little shorter. They are more refined.
    The Life of Faith dolls come closer than the Americal Girl dolls in size. We got our Life of Faith dolls at Family Christian Store, and there are many around the country, so you might try to find one in your area or if not close by, they will send it to you. We even found several at T. J. Maxx around Christimas. And of course, there's always eBay, which has some nice dolls usually. We didn't get any of ours there though.
    Quinlyn and I have joined Cheri on Ginger Brook Hollow in getting a doll a month for the next year--the 8" dolls. I will only get a newsletter and some accessories or clothes, but Quinlyn will get the dolls. I think it'll be fun.
    Please ask anything you like as I've probably not been very clear. Quinlyn is the expert.

    And thanks very much for commenting. I hope you'll let me know if you have success in finding the dolls, and, if not, I'll try to help you find some. They're really beautiful.

  5. Quinlyn...I noticed that I left some words out in my comment to you. I meant to say that we're going to have a good time with the dolls this year. Hmmm...hopefully I did that because I was tired or in a hurry!