Thursday, September 16, 2010

Walking at Home with Leslie Sansone

I love to walk, but don't always want to get out the door for one reason or another. So I was happy when I came across Leslie Sansone. I started out with Leslie Sansone's books, which talk about walking and changing your diet--really good. Then I saw these DVDs on a shopping network and decided that it would be nice to have them for support with my walking routine. And they are really fun and easy to follow, and she gives instructions in regard to those with limitations.

The set I got from either QVC or HSN has four cases with 7 different DVDs. You start off with 1-mile walks in a room with a group of women who are in Leslie's class. The music starts and she warms you up with movement, then goes into a full walk in place. The really nice part is that she started this class because so many older people had to stop walking when the weather was bad or cold. It grew from there--and for good reason!

The next DVD has a 2-mile walk, which I still haven't done. I recently had a long bout with sciatica that still isn't completely resolved. But I'm looking forward to working with all these DVDs and going from the 1-mile to the 2-mile. Then there's the 3-mile with boost cables if you want to use them, and the 4-mile with the boost cables. And in each DVD, I believe, there is a segment with Leslie talking about what you eat and how to burn it off. I've optimistically bought some light hikers, so wish me luck as I get the courage to join Leslie and her class of walkers. The music is nice and the time flies by as you follow the routine. The 1-mile walk is about 20 minutes, and, if nothing else, gets your system reved up for the day!

Leslie's books and DVDs are on But please read the reviews! There's no better indicator than the people who have used them. One of her books that I have is: "Walk Away the Pounds," which has a DVD with it; and another is: "Eat Smart, Walk Strong," which has over 80 delicious recipes included.

So if you're so inclined, or better yet, if you're not so inclined, but need to stretch yourself in more ways than one--get up and enjoy the pleasure of moving your body. You'll be healthier and happier, and your family will be happier with you!

Have a great Thursday!


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