Friday, November 26, 2010

The Day After Thanksgiving~

Good morning on the day after Thanksgiving! Re-reading my blog from yesterday, I realize once again how small my world is. And I have good reason for keeping mostly to my own life; it's because there are so many other people already talking about the bigger world out there. But my youngest brother, Ron, called me yesterday, and we talked about his month-long trip to Mosambique to teach and preach the gospel. There were 60 people baptized, and there is still much teaching to be done. He also sent me almost 300 pictures of people and life there, which will be viewed a little later.

So I was reminded this morning of our conversation about how the people live there--and him while he was visiting--eating, sleeping, and doing everything which pertains to their daily life on the floor. And I know my mind cannot grasp the life of the people who are poor and living in Mosambique, or the rest of South Africa. So I thank God that I live in America, and I pray that politicians don't turn us into a third world country.

I'm also thinking this morning of the men and women in the military forces of this country. What a sacrifice they make every day to keep us free! No, everything about the military doesn't make me happy, but I pray that our military leaders and the politicians don't make wrong choices and do stupid things with the lives in their charge. In many ways, the average American is helpless when it comes to such big situations, but we are a nation founded on godly principles, and if we want to continue to have the freedom we have now, we must put God back in our hearts and in our behavior. To snub God at a time when our country needs Him badly won't work out for us.

Now I'm not talking about religion per se, I'm talking about having a relationship with God yourself! And turning to God is something you and I can do every day. Think about what that means as you search for answers to the ever-growing complexities of the modern world, and the ever-growing complexities of your own life. With our pretend sophistication, it can be hard to admit that being humble and serving God is the answer to those complex questions, but it is a truth that will never change. So on this day after Thanksgiving, I'm still thankful for all our blessings, and trust in God that they'll continue.

I haven't written any words for my novel in two days, so that is my priority until the 30th of November. We'll have a "leftovers" dinner tonight, but today I'll be writing, writing, writing!


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