Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving Day!

As I mentioned yesterday, I've been so blessed over the years to have some of my family from Tennessee visit during the Thanksgiving holiday. Last year, Ray and Jill and Luke and Lizzy, were here for almost four weeks. Jill was expecting Katelyn in January, but she helped with everything.
One year when Ray and Paul and their wives were living here, Sarah, Paul's wife, went to the hospital on Thanksgiving Day, and gave birth to   their son Timothy the next day. Happy Birthday to Timothy!   Now they've added Emily and Chloe to their family. Also, because it was the birth of their first grandchild,  Donna and her family were here. I've lived in New Mexico for 10 years and in several of those years part of my family from Tennessee have been here for Thanksgiving. For that, I'm truly thankful!

This year Donna and Ron are here, so Steve and Lisa, Quinlyn and Michael will come over around 4 PM, so we can have Thanksgiving dinner together. I had a delivery from Los Poblanos--an organic farm in New Mexico--yesterday morning. When I saw all the fresh vegetables, I decided to make soup for supper. Donna and I cooked most of our food yesterday: green beans, sweet potatoes, cornbread for the dressing (and supper) and Butter Rich Dinner Rolls. Then Donna cut up oranges for an orange and pineapple combination. And I made a vegetable soup with hamburger in it for dinner. Lisa will cook the turkey today and make some deviled eggs, mashed potatoes, and a few other goodies--like  pumpkin pies, and maybe a peach cobbler. I know I've forgotten some dishes, but it doesn't matter...that's the main menu.

The table is set and I'm up at 4 AM. The weather is very cold--around 27 degrees right now with a high of 34 degrees expected. I'm looking forward to the day, especially having dinner with so much of my family. There will be a Thanksgiving movie or two--the Waltons Reunion and The Old-Fashioned Thanksgiving, which may or may not be watched. The main thing is that we remember to thank God for all this wonderful food, and the fact that we are clothed and warm!
Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


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