Tuesday, November 9, 2010

A New Coat for A New Doll & A Loving Thought for Nelson~

Well, the morning is certainly slipping right on by. I have been working on my novel this morning, more re-reading and changing words than anything else so far, so I lost track of the time. But I have 13,663 words and am not thinking that I'll give up so far. Pray that my concentration will stick with me no matter what is going on in this house!

I'm just going to give you a couple of pics--one of a coat I made for my new doll, Suzannah, and one of her in the coat after I added some fur and some smaller buttons. She's 8" tall and is part of the Ginger Brook Hollow group of dolls. There are 18" and 8" dolls. Cheri, who owns the company and has a website for them with stories and clothes and games, gave us a free pattern for a coat, some accessories, a shawl and some bonnets to make out of a material that doesn't have to be finished, like fleece, which is what I used to make my little coat. As you can see, I made the coat one day, then decided yesterday to add some fur. I still have a hat, a purse, and some boots cut out and ready to sew up. With my company arriving on Monday, all real work of interest may cease, but I know that visiting with family is a good thing too. And, who knows, I may even get some writing done!

This is the day that my brother, Ron Roark, who went to Mosambique a month ago and has been teaching and preaching there, returns to the U.S. The last information he sent me was that 44 souls had been baptized into Christ there.

And also on this day a year ago, my brother, Nelson Roark, died. I'm adding a picture of him (he's the man on the right and he's with a friend who wanted to visit with him after he was diagnosed with cancer) so that you can see how very special he was. And I want Carolyn, Geoff, and the rest of the family to know that I'm thinking of them. They live in Tennessee, so I don't see them at all.

I had three brothers and a sister, so I am very blessed in my family as the baby. They still think of me that way, but maybe a few kinks have been ironed out. More to come, I hear them say!

Last night I talked to Donna, the daughter who is coming, and they're not leaving until Saturday, so that puts them here on Monday. They could stay two months, or they could stay six months. But God has blessed Steve with a replacement for my wonderful grandson, Ray, who wants to do something else with his life, so I'm very thankful that I am able to have a hand in moving this forward. 

Have a wonderful Tuesday!

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