Thursday, November 11, 2010

Spiritual Intelligence ~ 2

This picture is from the Corrales area. It gives you an idea of the kind of architecture everywhere in New Mexico. Thursday is a good day to get things done. I hope that all of us will do just that! I've been working on several things because my company--Donna and her husband--will be here Tuesday evening. There's been a slight delay in their arrival, making it possible for me to have food in the house and all the washing done. It's getting hard to find something so simple to eat that I don't mess up the kitchen, but so far this week I've done well. Lisa sent me home with pizza Sunday night, which I ate Monday. Tuesday and Wednesday, I ate something that required only one pan which I promptly washed. And the dishwasher is getting filled as I go. This sounds a little crazy to you, I'm sure, but now that I'm obsessed with writing a novel, I have to be somewhat obsessive about other things as well, or the house will get all awaped (a Middle English word that fits the situation). I cleaned my desk off yesterday--a major feat in my mind. Then I got all the clothes washed, including the sheets on my bed. Tomorrow I'll go to the store, including our wonderful meat store Keller's. When my mind goes blank for meals, hot dogs and hamburgers always fill the menu. They also have beautiful fresh roast and chicken. So thankfully, time is on my side at this point.

And this morning, I want to give you another 8 ways to build your Spiritual Intelligence from Tony Buzan out of his book Head First. Buzan gives two Did You Know? facts:
*Over three billion people--over half the population of the planet--are actively pursuing Spiritual Intelligence and knowledge.
*It has been predicted that a movement towards greater spirituality will be one of the 10 great trends of the 21st century. 

If you want to be part of that movement, perhaps these next eight suggestions will help you. You may already be doing some of them, but see what you can pick up for a new attitude and a better life.


9) The Good Things in Life.
Make a Mind Map of all the good things in your life. It will help you realize how many gifts the universe (which I call God) gives you. Consider things like your senses, daylight, friends, hobbies, health, etc.

10) Know Your Values.
Your spiritual nature is often shown by what you value. Consider and note all those things, attitudes and ideals you value. Then ask yourself "Why?" See if you actions match your values. For example, if you value honesty, are you always honest yourself?

11) Charity.
Make charitable behavior a part of your life. There are many easy ways to do this: give to Goodwill or the Veterans. Here in NM we have Clothes Helping Kids and they collect at my house. Every winter Lisa buys coats for the kids who don't have one. They are collected from a local store. Or it can simply mean giving someone a hand where you work or at the store.

12) Material Things.
Are you one of those people who believes that material things are the antithesis of spirituality? Well, reconsider your thinking because it isn't true. The world is a physical place with everything in it material, including you. Accept physical things as gifts--temporary, but beautiful and full of blessings. You can give often and be blessed again.

13) Brain-fasting.
See if there is a regular presence in your life that reduces your spiritual calm in some way. Could it be television? Depressing news on television, radio or in the newspaper doesn't add to your spiritual life. Take a break from all such media and give time to improving your soul.

14) Get Rid of your Excess Baggage.
Mental and Physical baggage drag you down. Get rid of it.

15) Refill your Spiritual Self Daily.
How can you refresh your spirit every day? Find it and do it! Spend time in nature, take a few moments of silence, helping others, pursue a spiritual goal, meditation. It's your choice.

16) Mind Map Your Vision.
(How to do a Mind Map is my blog on October 22.)
Make a Mind Map to clarify and build your personal Vision of your place and mission on this planet. Make it as beautiful as possible and place it where you can see it every day. Carry a mini version around with you. Make decisions and live your life based on your Vision.

I've made many Mind Maps, but I haven't done one with my personal Vision on it, so that's something I can do to see where I stand right now in my spiritual life. I think it's important to jog our hearts and minds occasionally because we all have a tendency to get stuck in places where we should be moving on and getting better. It feels good to be stuck, but it creates an attitude that Satan loves to tap into. Don't forget that he is fighting for your soul every moment of every day. Fortify yourself the best you can DAILY!


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