Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Spiritual Intelligence ~

Good morning! I'll share with you something that I've learned since beginning my novel. When I write 1, 2, or 3 thousand words a day, my brain is absolutely drained of the power to think about other things and to deal with some of the situations in my life. On the other hand, and in another way, it allows me to deal with some other things because I'm drained of words and ideas and thoughts. The whole process is telling me a lot about writing, but it's also telling me quite a bit about myself without actually thinking about myself, if you see what I mean. That's not a particularly large number of words to write in a day, but I write as many words as I can come up with, then go away for a while. When I come back to the page, I'm hoping that I can write another thousand or so. Most days, time runs out and I have to leave it until words fill my head again. I'm sure that the more one writes stories or novels or anything lengthy, the more the ability to think with words grows. Yesterday, I mostly re-wrote what was there and didn't get much written. But I have to say that if you have any inclination at all, you should try to write a novel this month. If you don't end up with the number of words, it doesn't matter. It's the effort that counts. Right now, I have over 15,000 words. But that isn't many considering I need 50,000. Wish me luck!

If you know me at all, you won't be surprised that I want to give you this information about Spiritual Intelligence. In my opinion, it is the most important intelligence you can have. This is another piece of the puzzle from Tony Buzan in his book Head First. I don't believe there are as many people out there who regularly contemplate who they are and what their purpose is these days, but if you choose to be one of them, then this will give you some information to help you along.

Tony Buzan says:
Spiritual Intelligence is concerned with being part of the bigger scheme of things. It involves seeing the "big picture." Spiritually intelligent people are motivated by personal value that involve reaching beyond their own interests to those of the community at large.
Such people will add to these characteristics a wisdom and understanding of themselves and of others acquired through a lifetime of experiences, a general regard and respect for humanity, a compassionate rather than agressive attitude and a global vision, which many people describe as the acquisition of wisdom. 

Developing Your Spiritual Intelligence

1. Work on your Personal Intelligence. 
Knowing yourself is one of the foundation stones for developing Spiritual Intelligence.

2. Develop your Social Intelligence.
A deep understanding of others will burgeon into a growing and compassionate love for them.

3. Spiritual Paths.
Be aware of the enormous, tempting and wonderful variety of spiritual paths. People all over the world are enjoying the benefits and wonders of religious belief.

4. Read! 
Make a study of the religions that interest you and take the beneficial parts of each one into your life. Reading the texts can move you further down your spiritual path. Look at proverbs and sayings and apply them to your own life with understanding and meaning.

5. Study the Microcosmic and Macrocosmic Worlds.
Explore the intricate, complex and profoundly beautiful nature of the microcosmic and macrocosmic worlds. It will inspire awe. Look at physics to learn how miraculous many everyday things are. Take time to look at nature, and watch and learn from nature and wildlife films. Use a telescope to study the stars and planets.

6. Spend Time with Nature.
Spend time outdoors in the country, is possible, or even in a nearby park. "Communing with nature" has been reported by geniuses and spiritual leaders alike as the source of their inspirations, realizations, and insights. 

7. Develop your Sense of Humor.
People with high Spiritual Intelligence tend to have bubbling and effervescent personalities and senses of humor, delighting at the wittiness and wonders around them. This can be you!

8. Develop your Childlikeness.
Wonder and awe at the mysteries and magic of the natural world; an insatiable curiosity; and natural and spontaneous generosity; an open-mindedness; and a general enthusiasm for life. Aim to develop these characteristics!

So here are the first 8 ways to develop yourself spiritually. I'll give you another 8 tomorrow. If you take life seriously, you'll think about your spiritual life seriously. Looking at these suggestions can help you add to your ability to broaden the way you view life and the way you view God. You'll come to understand how connected they are!

Have a great Wednesday!

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