Friday, October 1, 2010

Especially For Men: Chip Foose

These die-cast cars are from the Chip Foose web site. I got these 4 cars for my grandson Michael's soon-to-be 9th birthday.

Richard, my husband, worked at the Nashville Speedway part-time for 17 years, including the twice-a-year NASCAR races with all the great drivers. I've met many of the drivers and Cale Yarbrough even took me for a ride around the track.
Richard worked the back gate where the drivers came in. When he left the track, it took three people to replace him. But that's part of the reason I have enjoyed the world of cars in "Overhauling."  Chip Foose is a wizard with vehicles and I just wanted to give some of the facts about his life for the men in my life. It's just a little shout out to all of you to check him out already know he's fascinating to watch.

Chip Foose: Car Designer Extraordinaire

Within his relatively short career, Chip Foose has created a legacy of designs and accomplishments. Chip is noted for restoring cars and trucks, custom wheels, and his popular series called "Overhauling," a show that made me a fan of Chip's. He's moved on to customizing a 1970s tractor, designing tennis shoes, and a new series called "Ultimate Car Build-Off," which is on the Discovery Channel as of June 21. That's quite a resume. I'm not qualified to talk about cars and stuff, but I have enjoyed many episodes of "Overhauling" and my love of his creativity and design has kept me a fan of Chip Foose. Imagine having those wheel covers on your car! Now you can buy some of his designs in stores.

1932 Ford Deuce 0032 Roadster Hot Rod           It was difficult to choose just one car from all those Foose has created...he's designed so many beautiful cars. Of course, look online. I love his website:
I wanted to put everything on here! Instead, I'll just name a few of his the Chip Foose Hemisfear, the Chip Foose Challenger, the Chip Foose Ford 1936 Roadster, and the Chip Foose Ford Mustang, as well as a vehicle that he's designed for Ford for 2010.

Foose "Spank Dually" Front Chrome
What can I say about these magnificent chrome wheels? There are several designs for sale, front and back, but I didn't have room for more pictures. Hurts me as much as it hurts you!

The Chip Foose John Deere 4020 Hot Rod Tractor

Foose customized this 1970 John Deere tractor which was given away last July. I wanted all the boys to see this...I wonder what they'll think of it. It can only be described as AWESOME!

Chip Foose tennis shoes designed for Oakley                Not content just to design gorgeous cars, Foose has designed tennis shoes for Oakley. You can buy the tennis shoes at for $100. I'd buy them just for the box. And there will be another design in the Spring. Any of you that decide to buy a pair, I'd like to know if you like them. ~And don't tell Michael, my soon-to-be 9 year-old grandson, that he's getting these beautiful die-cast cars  for his birthday October 30!

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