Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Magic of Sewing~

                        Halloween is coming!

And Michael's birthday is coming October 30th!

Tuesday is a good day for sewing, don't you agree? I can't even think of much to say, because I'm now focused on making Quinlyn and her doll a skirt out of this fabric to wear on Halloween. And because I may have company soon, Lisa didn't want me to spend a lot of time on making Q a costume. But I remembered making an apron when I was young that was so simple, it might work for a skirt. You tear a strip for a waistband and it extends to create a tie, then gather the skirt onto that band. So I'm going to begin that now and see how it turns out. I'm adding pictures to this blog tonight because I'm done with Q's skirt, but haven't done any more than get the pieces ready for the doll's skirt. Of course, the lighting was pretty bad, so I may make more tomorrow in the sunlight.

I got an email from Jill this morning talking about the costumes she's making for herself, for Ray, and for Luke and Lizzy...Medieval Maid Marion dresses and Robin Hood outfits. Sounds really fun and fabulous! I'm guessing that Kate is too young for a costume. To me, sewing has a magical quality because you pick out fabric--an activity that is lots of fun--and turn it into something both beautiful and useful. That's hard to beat!  

Did you have popovers for supper last night? Simple and delicious! 

Bye for now...more later...Mimi 

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