Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Cutting Out Doll Dresses~

Millie, on the left, is an 18" Life of Faith doll. Louisa, on the right, is a 17" Ginger Brook Hollow doll.

Remember all the material I got to make the Life of Faith dolls dresses? Well, I decided to cut the 5 dresses out while I was on the phone yesterday. Now you may not realize it, but there are lots of patterns out there for doll clothes. And the patterns I bought for the dolls are both from Ginger Brook Hollow, which are the 17" dolls, and the patterns for the American Girl and Life of Faith dolls, which are 18" dolls. You wouldn't think that there would be much difference, but there is: the Ginger Brook Hollow dolls are much slimmer and more refined. In any case--and because I was on the phone, I think--I cut out 3 dresses in the 17" size before I noticed what I was doing. I only have one 17" doll--Louisa--and 5 of the Life of Faith 18" inch dolls--no 18" American Girl dolls. And in reality, I was going to make the dresses for Quinlyn's dolls, which are all 18". So Louisa gets 3 new dresses! Quinlyn and I are thinking that we'll both get more Ginger Brook Hollow dolls, so the dresses can be shared later. Whew!

 Most of you probably have only one size, huh? Oh, and I almost forgot...I also had a dress cut out for an 8" doll, a small Rebecca from American Girl, but hadn't finished it because I didn't have the right lining. I got lots of lining when I bought the dress material, so I also cut out the lining for Rebecca's new dress. She needs one badly, as the only one she has is a winter one. I put a pic below, so you could see what the new dress material looks like. Can you tell that I love pink
Rebecca is the only American Girl doll that I have. I would like to have Kit or Molly and Emily. And Felicity and Elizabeth are so beautiful. It's really hard to choose from all the dolls out there! Well, I'd better get busy today. I hope your Wednesday is a good one! Blessings...Mimi


  1. I'm not sure why no one can comment, but I'm working on it to find out. If anyone knows how to make sure others can comment, please let me know by email: One person has said that not even setting up a blog account made any difference. HELP!

  2. Cute pictures...hope the dresses turn out to your liking!

  3. I do too. Finding time to work on them will be the challenge right now. Thanks for commenting.