Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Making A Doll Skirt to Match Quinlyn's

This is one of my beautiful dolls, Elsie, and she's wearing a skirt that I made last night.

I recently  made Quinlyn a skirt to wear  on Halloween because she wanted to dress up without being scary. I put pics on here so you could see the result. Last night I made the doll's skirt and I'm showing you how that came out. Not bad, I think. I simply gathered the material and put it on a band that ties in the back. Then I added some lace and it was done. Well...almost. The band was much too big, so I had to pleat the front to make it fit! I like the look of it better than before though, so sometimes mistakes work out for the best.

I'm beginning to feel the pressure of company coming--especially company that is moving in for months--so I'm going to spend time getting ready for them today. Wish me well and have a good Tuesday! And you might want to take a look at my other blog site: http://biblememosfrommimi.blogspot.com/ 
Today I gave you an excerpt from The Screwtape Letters...interesting stuff.


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