Friday, October 22, 2010

A Few Thoughts About Mind-Mapping


I enjoy Mind-Mapping at times when I want to separate all the different parts of a problem, I'm planning a new project, or I'm simply contemplating all the different areas of my life. You can also use Mind Mapping to remember the facts for an exam, or to separate the plot & characters  in a book. It gives you a way to look objectively, but thoroughly, at almost any problem or situation you're considering. And if you're so inclined, a colorful way. I've been promising you this little tutorial, so here it is. I've put an example at the top, but it's style may not appeal to you; you can choose your own style to create one. Here is How To Create A Mind Map from Head Start by Tony Buzan:

1. Use a large sheet of paper. (I use an 18 X 24 piece of art paper.)
2. Gather together a selection of colored pens, ranging from fine nibbed ones to highlighters.
3. Select the topic, problem or subject you want to Mind Map.
4. Get any information you will need together.
5. Start in the center of the paper with a large, unframed image which can symbolize the topic.
6. Use dimension, expression and at least three colors when drawing the central image, in order to attract attention and aid memory.
7. From the central image, radiate out key words and th emost important ideas you have about the topic, each on a separate, thick line.
8. Branch thinner lines off the ends of the appropriate main lines, to show supporting data (the more important the data, the closer it should be to the central image or idea).
9. Use images whenever possible.
10. Use colors freely in your own special code to show people, topics, themes, associations or dates, and to make the Mind Map more beautiful and more memorable.

Mind-Mapping can be used for creative thinking, and can be used to help memory, review facts, general note-taking, planning and communication. If you're interested in this kind of problem solving, give it a try. And even though you're told to use a large sheet of paper, you can begin smaller with an 8 1/2 X 11 piece of paper, then move to a larger sheet if it works for you.

Have a great weekend! Be thankful and appreciative for all God's gifts.

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