Saturday, October 16, 2010

Getting It All Done~

Jennie Chancey & Family 2010

I found Jennie Chancey's web site last night while looking through some searches for patterns. She designs patterns and makes clothes for her family...not just any kind of clothes, but lovely, old-fashioned dresses. I wanted to show her to you as an example of someone who not only gets a whole lot done in a day, but handles the added duties of a family. I say this as encouragement--to you and to myself!

I know that I've talked about doing many things in a day: a new vocabulary word, a foreign language, becoming more spiritual, and all that these entail. I realize that it's difficult for many of you to incorporate another thing into your day. But I want to say that if you can organize your life, it will be easier, and you'll feel more satisfied with what you can accomplish. And I should also say that you don't have to do every single thing every day! But my feeling is that as you grow older, you feel less needed and more invisible. Only you can change that into being needed and being visible!

As I said, I did some searching last night and found a features a fairly young woman who seems to do it all. I think I counted 10 children in the picture of her and her family! She has been asked many times how she gets so much done. And her answer--which she put on her web site--is that her mother taught her to do everything from a very young age, and she has taught her children, so that they help her. She also gets some help from friends and church members. And sometimes, she just has to let something go. I suppose I'm trying to say that no matter how old you are, you can learn to be more organized in your life. The point of doing this is to have a fuller, more fulfilling life that ends each day with accomplishment.

I've often wandered into books and programs for becoming more organized. And I believe they all gave me more insight into that process. However, when I found, I knew that if I really want to be organized and decluttered, she's the one to get me there. You see, I'm not a BO. I wasn't Born Organized. And those who are don't grasp the mentality of those who struggle with being organized. But not to worry, Flylady will help all of us to get life going in a positive direction in regard to making life less frustrating and confusing and getting more done. You have to go to her web site to get started, but she makes each step easy and doable. When you sign up, you'll receive an email every day to help you with organizing your day. I've just downloaded a free "Flylady's Holiday Control Journal: Your Guide to Cruising Through the Holidays."

Now I don't do all the decorating and baking that I used to do, but this Control Journal will help me get all the gifts ready to go to Tennessee, and will allow me to look at the holiday objectively. I have a tendency to get spacey when there's a lot to be done. With Flylady, you really don't feel behind, and you can see that there's a light at the end of the tunnel from day one. So see what you think!

As Flylady says: You're not behind! Just let each day be a new start for you and your family. And have a great weekend.



  1. Yes, I know of Jenny Chancey. She has a website called Ladies Against Feminism where women discuss how to be feminine in today's world. She has a lot of neat ideas. She went from being a career oriented woman to becoming more ladylike in dress, appearance & mind-set. She reprinted a old book called "Mother"by Kathleen Norris that she had stumbled upon in a bookstore that helped restore her from the bitterness she felt inside & increased her desire to be "a virtuous woman."
    Sense & Sensibilities patterns are on Facebook. You can find many delightful links at both Ladies Against Feminism & Sense & Sensibilities. Jenny Chancey is on FB, too.

  2. Thanks, Paula. I didn't know all of that about her. None of this is mentioned on the site that I found. I'll check all of this out today and see what I can learn from her. I've joined her message board on