Thursday, October 7, 2010

Wrap Top Dress Pattern for AG & LOF Dolls

Here is another pattern I bought online from for my Life of Faith dolls. This is my lovely Kathleen doll...the same Irish girl who gets the green fleece coat. This pattern is modern, and I'm not sure if I'll make a dress for my dolls, or make them for Quinlyn's American Girl dolls. I think it's more for the modern girl! I've bought patterns and material, but no cutting and sewing yet. Hmmm, you can't say I'm not ready when the time comes to sew!

I usually have to stop doing many other things and just sew. It takes a mental adjustment for me to get things set up and get going. I'd really like to make some things before Christmas.

And I make things besides doll clothes. The picture of the throw on the rocking chair is one I made for Michael last year. Green is his favorite color and I got some John Deere flannel fabric for the other side. It is two pieces of flannel put together for a lighter throw. I also make throws with batting in them for warmth.

And don't tell Jamie, my granddaughter, who will be 30 years old in January, but I am planning to make her a throw out of a gorgeous black  herringbone wool. I've already made her a pillow out of it, and I'll put a luxurious black velvet back on it. Just like the pillow. She has said that she'd like one to lay on the end of her bed. She has a very lovely room that she's made very homey. I've had trouble finding black velvet that is 57" wide to make it match the wool. But I found some and ordered it, so it's on its way!

Anyway...I can't get all my sewing done this year, but I can make a start. Cross your fingers.


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