Sunday, October 3, 2010

More Thoughts from Head First by Tony Buzan

Although you are not your thoughts, the mind is a part of your make-up and works for you or against you every moment of your life. One of the boxes in Head First by Tony Buzan asks: Did You Know? And most of us probably know something about our mind, but certain facts will wake you up to the power of the mind and the brain as it operates in your everyday life.

For example: Did You Know?
At the same time as you make mental connections in your thoughts you are making physical connections within your brain? You are literally making your super bio-computer more complex, more sophisticated and more powerful. The brain with which you read this now is therefore not the same as it was yesterday, and it will not be the same tomorrow!

Okay...I've found a really convincing Brain Workout--Developing Your Personal Intelligence page in Buzan's book that I want to share with you. I won't give it all to you, but enough to stir your thoughts.

Buzan tells you to:
1. Self-talk. Monitor those constant little conversatons that go on in your head between you and yourself. Check to see whether they are positive or negative; whether they add to the general quality, health and happiness of your life, or whether they subtract from it; whether they coach you well with encouragement, or whether they deflate your self-image and demotivate you. Adjust them appropriately. Design yourself a brain cheer-leading team!
2. Treat Yourself as Your Best Friend. You should be! Take time for, and to be with, yourself. Only when you are truly happy with yourself can any other relationships be developed properly. Be aware that being happy with yourself now will naturally include wanting to improve constantly--it is your brain's natural desire to continue to learn and to grow throughout your life.

Learn to treat yourself as affectionately as you would treat anyone who was especially dear to you. You can use all your other intelligences to do this, especially your Sensual Intelligence. Pampering yourself can include such wide-ranging activities as
1) having a massage~
2) taking yourself to a special restaurant~
3) giving yourself a special vacation~
4) setting aside some uninterrupted "quality time" to read a book you've been wanting to for ages~
5) taking a bath in special oils~
6) buying that item of clothing that feels so good~

Does that sound like a list out of Sarah Ban Breathnach's Romancing the Ordinary? Yes, it does! BUT it isn't. It's a list from Buzan, who says that to increase your Personal Intelligence, pamper yourself. Are you seeing how everything is interconnected? I absolutely love when that happens!

If you know how to make a mind map, make one showing all the ways you could pamper yourself. I will talk about making mind maps later. They're easy to make and helpful in so many ways.

There is so much in this book to consider and learn. I hope you enjoy stretching your mental capacity.


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