Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Making A Bonnet to Match Quinlyn's Skirt

 Quinlyn's Bonnet for Halloween

This morning I decided to make a bonnet to go with Quinlyn's skirt for Halloween. So I've been busy getting that finished! It wasn't easy to come up with material that would match, but I found some that isn't historically correct as far as I know, but it matches the skirt and I think it will be really pretty. I hope I can get some pictures of the bonnet and skirt on Quinlyn Halloween night. But for now, I put it on a pillow for you to see how it looks--at least I hope you can tell.  The pictures don't really show the material very well, but it is a very pretty pink cotton. And I put a piece of lace where the brim and bonnet meet on the inside. I hope you enjoy seeing how I spent my morning.

Have a good Wednesday!

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