Friday, October 29, 2010

Doll Bonnet to Match Doll Skirt

Well, I've been busy this, not cleaning...sewing. It looks as though I'm going to have to get through Michael's birthday tomorrow and Halloween before any real cleaning gets done. This morning I decided that Quinlyn's doll had to have a bonnet to match her skirt. I don't think Quinlyn feels this way because--as she rightly says--the women's bonnets didn't match their skirts. But it is a costume after all for Halloween, so I made the bonnet to match the skirt, and Quinlyn's costume as well. So here are some pictures of my Life of Faith doll Millie that I took a few minutes ago. Quinlyn hasn't seen it yet and doesn't even know that I've made it, but I'll see if I can get her on Windows Live Messenger so she can.

I'm ready to relax for a while, so I'll wish you a very good Friday!


P.S. Quinlyn just saw the pictures and she loves it! She said she just didn't want me to go to too much trouble. So all's well that end's well!

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